World Cup finalists: France • Seasoned Events

World Cup finalists: France

As the World Cup Final approaches we thought we would give you a flavour of the cuisine and drink of the nations that will be playing this Sunday for the ultimate football trophy. Perhaps there are some tips we can pick up as event caterers in London.

France were the first to get through and it seems simple to come up with some lovely French recipes with their wealth of culinary history – however, we wanted to bring you something a little different. So we all know the classic, beautiful dishes that define French cuisine but what is modern French food all about? Alain Ducasse believes that it’s a contemporary cuisine that includes less fat and fits in to our modern life expectations. The fundamentals of French cuisine have not changed but it has been adapted to appeal to our modern society and to continue to seduce diners to the table.

So what would the modern football fan expect to be eating while celebrating their team’s World Cup Final? There seems to be a variety of options depending on the region you would be watching in. These are mostly hot sandwiches but a particular Breton version galette-saucisse, which is pork sausage wrapped in a thin buckwheat pancake, seems to be a firm favourite.


Picture credit: Marie Claire