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World Cup finalists: Croatia

Sad as it is, the other finalist this Sunday will be Croatia – so we wanted to bring you a few of their exciting drinks that we might be able to bring to event catering in London this summer!

A lot of beer; this is what the largest number of drinks are in Croatia. You should definitely sample some of the local options like Karlovacko, Ozujsko or Pan if you get the chance as they are really tasty and interesting beers. They have also started introducing flavoured beers but as they have such a great range of beers, why play with them? Little known for wine, although this is slowly changing, Croatia do produce some lovely wines which are becoming a little more widely available.

More widely available if you go to Croatia and probably offered to you after a meal out, or if you are entertained at someone’s home, are different varieties of home distilled fruit brandies (rakija). They are definitely to be sipped because they are really strong! There are a fantastic range of flavours and fruits used to make some really interesting brandies like pear, walnut, grape and plum.