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Words from the wise | Wellington Arch

Ideally, what would you like clients to have thought about before arriving for a site visit?

Wellington Arch is such a unique venue and clients are always surprised about what you can do within the spaces. It’s very helpful if clients come with lots of questions – a showround is a great opportunity to look at all the possibilities so that we can help you realise your vision for the event.

What advice could you give to clients or agents who need to sell the venue to the final decision maker?

Wellington Arch is a landmark like no other – there are no venues that really compare. Our beautiful viewing balconies and the rare outdoor space in central London are also a huge draw.

What event would you love to see take place at Wellington Arch?

The Arch offers a versatile space for creative clients who want to totally transform the venue for their event. For clients looking to host a series of pop-up events, tastings or product launches, there is scope to hire the venue for consecutive days to create something truly unique.

What advice could you give event bookers to ensure they are getting the best rates and making the most out of their venue hire?

As a charity English Heritage cares for over 400 historic buildings, monuments and site across the country. By hosting your event at Wellington Arch, you’ll be helping us care for this spectacular landmark and ensure that future generations can experience the venue. The partnerships between you and our accredited suppliers is crucial for getting value for money and for ensuring a successful event. Talk to them about your ambitions and how there are many wonderful ways of making the most out of a budget.

Do you have any offers or incentives you would like us to mention?

Wellington Arch has partnered with Seasoned for a special offer for breakfast meetings, conferences and December evening events. Get in touch to find out more!