Words from the wise – QUEEN’S HOUSE

 Queens House | Royal Museums Greenwich

How can clients help themselves to get the best rates?


We offer some fantastic rates at Christmas and early in the New Year, as well as in the summer as we know that these are peaks times for corporate events. Speak to us as soon as you have an idea and we can tell you about our promotional offers.


What the best things that you have seen done in the space?


Live music is spectacular in the house – we’ve seen a full choir of 40, a harpsichord, string quartets and live jazz bands. The house was made for entertaining, and live entertainment truly highlights that.


What would you love to see done?


Event designers taking inspiration from the pioneering architect Inigo Jones. I’d love to see a big statement bar in the Great Hall – taking into account the geometric shapes of the house.


What’s the best way that someone can sell the venue to their boss?


Classic with a twist. This crowning Jewel was built for entertaining and is perfect as a summer party palace or festive Christmas venue! We are the perfect London venue with lots of outside space.


What would you like people to consider before arriving for a site visit?


Transport – travel to us by river. Take in the sites of Central London, avoid the traffic and enjoy a leisurely cruise down the River Thames!