Words from the wise- Museum of London • Seasoned Events

Words from the wise- Museum of London

How can clients help themselves to get the best rates?  

If clients can be flexible with their dates and timings we can always help offer the best rates.

 Also if the client is open about budgets then we can work with them and present the best options to make their event a success.

 The more we know about the event from the outset, the better we can help achieve its aims.


What are the best things that you have seen done in the space?

It’s always great to see something different or a space used for the first time.

 We always recommend having actors and actresses to match the galleries that guests are using, as they really bring events to life. We also offer the opportunity for guests to use objects from the museum’s collection as table centrepieces for dinners, which is very special.

 We love the fact that you can have a dinner for 10 people in a gallery, but you can also hire the whole museum and hold a reception for 1,000 people.


What would you love to see done?

It’s great when event organisers theme their menu around food from London that was popular during a certain time.  I’d like to see a ‘London through the ages’ style menu served throughout the museum, so that as you pass through the museum you get a flavour of what people ate but with a modern twist. The great thing about London today of course is that the food you can eat would reflect the multicultural nature of this wonderful city, so anything would be possible!


What’s the best way that someone can sell the venue to their boss?

We like to think that as soon as someone sees the venue they will fall in love with it. Whilst seeing the venue through photos and videos can give an idea about the venue, nothing compares to experiencing it yourself.

 We have some beautiful spaces and immersive galleries in which we can have food and drink, so guests really get a sense of where they are.

 We also like to think that guests will take away something from their visit here; whether it’s a fact about the history of London, or seeing something truly iconic like the London 2012 Olympic cauldron or the magnificent Lord Mayor’s coach.


What do wish people would consider before arriving for a site visit?

It’s great when our clients know what it is that they are looking to do and what it is they would like to achieve out of the event, then we can advise how we think the venue will work for them. But even if someone comes to us with minimal information, we can work with them using our knowledge of the venue and suppliers to create an amazing event.

The hardest showrounds we do are where people only have 10 minutes to look around, as there is so much to discover at the museum and it’s important that we understand what type of event they are looking to hold.

But even the shortest showrounds lead to confirmations. So with a very limited time, we try and give a flavour of why the Museum of London is such a great place to hold an event.