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Words from the wise: The LookOut

Pernod Ricard UK Summer Party at The Lookout in Hyde Park 12th June 2014.How can clients help themselves get the best rates?  

Let us know your budget, ‘must haves’ and preferred dates.


What are some of the best events you have seen held in the venue?

There have been so many wonderful events but I love to see ones that complement our beautiful gardens. It’s the perfect environment to fire up the BBQ, kick back in a deck chair and watch the world go by.


What would you love to see done?

Until today it was a Christmas party in the summer, but we are hosting a mega one as I type this. Staying on the Christmas theme, I would also love to see someone transform our space into a Nordic winter treat. It’s the perfect venue for it.


What’s the best way for someone to sell the venue to their boss?

We are a charity so our venue hire is brilliant against a client’s CSR policy. We are ‘green’ to the core, so again it’s a great messaging tool for brands. We like to think we are a brilliant secret. We are not one of the big players in the industry that everyone has visited thousands of times.


What do you wish people would consider before arriving for a site visit?

Nothing. Every individual event and person is unique, so we treat every site visit in the same way.


What’s your favourite thing about the events industry?

People, people, people. Ooh, and did I mention people?