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Words from the Wise | Guildhall

Every month we ask for some wise words from one of our lovely venues. This month we chatted to the lovely team at Guildhall about their loves and aspirations for the venue:

What are the best things that you have seen done in the space?

As a Grade I listed venue, it is surprising that we don’t have very many restrictions when it comes to working in our spaces. This gives clients a creative license to do as much or as little as they want to.

Two events that stick in my mind from last year are the Mulberry fashion show and the Save the Children Annual Gala. Mulberry was the biggest build we have ever done and it proved to be an exciting challenge for the team. The end result was a custom built runway with tiered seating and a dramatic shattered glass mirror entrance for the models. We also always look forward to the Save the Children Gala as they heavily theme the event each year. This year was bigger and better than ever, with Roald Dahl as the iconic theme. We had an upside down entrance courtesy of The Twits, dream jar trees, the BFG, Fantastic Mr Fox and a huge James and the Giant Peach that descended from the ceiling. An event organiser’s dream!

What would you love to see done in the space?

I would like to see more film or TV launches here. We had the Game of Thrones launch held here previously and the venue looked incredible. The courtyard also provides the perfect red carpet entrance with our beautiful building as the backdrop. Any event that is heavily themed or a little out of the ordinary is something we all get excited about hosting.

What’s the best way that someone can sell the venue to their boss?

It’s no secret that Guildhall is the home of pomp and ceremony. It is what we do best! The history of the venue dates back to 1411 and we are fortunate enough to host State banquets and the Lord Mayor’s banquet annually. Other notable historic events have included Chopin’s last ever public concert, Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Nelson Mandela’s freedom ceremony and more recently, the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. If it’s good enough for the Queen then it must be good enough for your boss!

What do wish people would consider before arriving for a site visit?

It’s always important to know what your strategic aims of the event are before looking into any suppliers. For us, we like to know how we can help you achieve your aims by maximising use of the venue. It also helps to have a good idea of the flow of the event beforehand so that we can walk through the spaces as if we were a guest attending the event. It helps give a better understanding of venue logistics and how the guests will see our spaces on the day.