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Words from the wise

This month we have had a chance to talk to Jade from the beautiful Guildhall in the City of London to get some of her thoughts about using this amazing venue…


Ideally, what would you like clients to have thought about before arriving for a site visit?

Aside from financial gain what are the event objectives? Is it to make the guests feel special, is it to leave a lasting legacy or perhaps it’s to make them learn something new? Whatever the objective, it is important to know these early on so that the venue team can suggest ways to help you achieve them. The venue team are the experts on their venue & will be best placed to advise on what does & doesn’t work in their spaces.


What advice could you give to clients or agents who need to sell the venue to the final decision maker?

Paint a picture for the client on how their event would work in the venue. If you can prove that the event would work logistically as well as achieving their event objective then you are ruling out any reason to doubt the venue for their event. Once that has been successful, it comes down to the client’s attachment to the venue. The best way to build this attachment is to take them on a venue visit & draw them in visually. Good sales people will try to make the client feel emotionally attached to the venue by drawing on the venue’s history & the guest experience.


What event would you love to see take place at the Guildhall?

I would like to see more events such as film premières & bespoke launches with big builds. Both offer fantastic PR opportunities & showcase the versatility of our venue to its best. Guildhall is one of the few iconic London venues that can offer all day & night access as well as seamless load-in via Guildhall Yard. This makes Guildhall an ideal location for clients wishing to create a statement event experience.


What advice could you give event bookers to ensure they are getting the best rates from suppliers & making the most out of their venue hire?

When booking a venue ask for a clear breakdown of what is included in the price to avoid any surprise costs further down the line. Most clients don’t realise that Guildhall provides fully equipped kitchens which can reduce the catering costs considerably. Something as simple as this could save thousands when compared to an alternative venue. With suppliers, if you are a regular event booker & can guarantee multiple event contracts, you can request a multiple event discount. This cuts out the stress of dealing with several suppliers, reduces costs & helps strengthen supplier relationships.