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Where we want to book

Our team have our eye on Dinner with the Twits for our next dinner

Les Enfants Terribles theatre company and the whizz kids at Bompas & Parr have teamed up to create a truly memorable dining experience. For six months, a much loved children’s classic – Roald Dahl’s The Twits – will be brought to life… worms and all! From sky rodent goujons to glue soup and pig’s ears, there is nothing run of the mill here. Of course, as with every immersive dining experience, the place is run by actors so every turn you make becomes part of the show so you truly become immersed in this muddy world.

But the one we are most curious about is bloodied hearts; freshly removed chicken hearts, practically still beating, slow-cooked in the lukewarm water left at the end of Mrs Twit’s monthly bath. Ewww.

This sounds every bit as gruesome as our childhood memory of the tale and we can’t wait to become part of the experience.