Veganism • Seasoned Events


Veganism is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice being made by many of us in the modern world. While veganism in its purist form extends beyond the confines of food, it’s the culinary aspect which can often prove to be the most difficult to maintain for early adopters.

In the past, vegan food has not always offered great variety and this has put people off turning to veganism. This is no longer the case; vegan food no longer needs to mean bland or tasteless ideas nor does it have to feel like you are sacrificing anything from your meal. Vegan food should be celebrated for everything it represents and stands for, and the best way to do this is with culinary innovation.

Chefs across the globe are finding increasingly clever ways to bring vegan dishes to life and we at Seasoned are no different. Here are just a handful of our own creations:

  • Cucumber cups filled with Thai infused vegetables
  • Harissa spiced grilled baby aubergines with minted chick peas
  • Bruschetta of smoked onion and chilli with a cashew nut crust
  • Carrot sorbet and tuille with black sesame ‘graveyard dust’
  • Lemon and poppy seed shortbread with raspberry curd

We take great pride in being a leading London caterer and our commitment to offering equally beautiful, delicious and sustainable vegan alternatives, alongside our traditional menu, is simply unrivalled.