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Valentine’s Day around the world

In the U.K. we celebrate Valentine’s Day each year on 14th February. Hearts & red roses are everywhere & boxes of chocolates & flowers are given to that special someone in your life. In the Seasoned office we have all been anticipating what our partners will be surprising us with this year! Many other countries celebrate Valentine’s Day too but not in the same way that we do. We have had a look at the traditions of some other countries around the world.


DENMARK / Valentine’s Day has only been celebrated in Denmark since the 1990’s but the country has really embraced February 14th with a bit of a twist. Rather than the traditional roses, friends & lovers exchange pressed white flowers called snowdrops.


SOUTH KOREA / Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday for young couples in South Korea, & is actually celebrated in both February & March. The celebrations start on 14th February, when it’s up to women to give their men chocolates, sweets & flowers. The roles reverse on 14th March, a day known as White Day, when men not only give their partners chocolates & flowers, but also a gift.


PHILIPPINES / Valentine’s Day celebrations in the Philippines are similar to how we celebrate in the U.K., there is one tradition that has swept the country & led to thousands of couples sharing their wedding day on 14th February. Mass wedding ceremonies have become increasingly popular in the Philippines in recent years where hundreds of couples gather at malls or other public areas around the country to get married together. As a wedding caterer in London we wonder if the Philippines’ tradition of mass weddings will make it’s way over here: that would make for a very interesting day!