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Unusual venues – The Magic Circle

Unusual venues which are unique and full of character are always exciting to work at. This week we had the absolute pleasure of hosting three consecutive events at the home of magic itself, the Magic Circle. On arrival, the guests were led up the amazing winding staircase and into the main event space which held the exhibitors for this networking event. They were then ushered to the bar which, after a long day at work, is always a welcome sight.

 As the Magic Circle’s events caterer, we were thrilled to be allowed to add some creativity to our menus. The Middle Eastern canapés – chicken and apricot pops served with harissa dipping sauce and chickpeas, and ginger and tamarind sliders with feta crumble and chilli jam – were enjoyed by everyone. When organising an exhibition and networking event, even the most experienced chef will know how difficult it can be to get the food just right, but we seem to have done it.

 After the canapés guests were treated to a trio of desserts including bubble gum macaroons which made many people feel quite nostalgic about the days when they would chew bubble gum, unsure of whether it could be swallowed due to the amazing taste. This added to the uniqueness of the event, and there were even a few goody bags requested at the end of the night.

With day one over we now have two more events to go, and who knows what other childhood memories we can evoke through our food? One thing I do know is that with Sooty in the Basement Museum and Harry Potter’s map locked away for safekeeping, there is certainly magic in the air.

Whether you are organising a networking event or a conference, the Magic Circle (like us) will always be on your radar.