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Top tips for weddings

There are many aspects and services we provide in being a leading London Caterer. However, there is nothing more enjoyable than helping plan a newly engaged couple’s wedding celebration. It’s usually this time of year when we hear about a whole host of fantastically romantic proposals and we get to share these experiences with our couples on a very personal level. It’s this connection that makes catering for these special days oh so satisfying, because everything we created and thought of together comes into fruition in all its beauty.

One of the most common things we hear is ‘’I’ve never done this before, so don’t know where to start!’’ And that’s okay! That’s not unusual, and in fact, it’s the perfect question to ask as there are so many things to consider when planning your wedding. We are here to help and here are some of our top 10 tips:

1.Fix the date of your preferred venue & book it, well in advance! This is probably the single most important point of them all (so it’s fitting that it’s the first!). Try to remember there are many brides out there who will most likely all be looking for that perfect Saturday. So, if you have a favourite venue or location, be sure to check its availability early as only one bride can enjoy that space on a single Saturday and not every venue is available all year round for weddings!

2.Book your caterers. Caterers, while offering more flexibility than a venue, depending on their size and availability, offer the most in terms of their singular contribution to the day with the leading caterers being able to assist with food, drink, staff and hire all in one! This cannot be stressed enough that to have so many aspects covered is a huge weight off the shoulders!

3.Book your photographer! It is very important to do this early on, photographers often fly solo in their services and when this is the case, should you fall in love with a particular photographer’s style and perspective, you have to remember they can only be in one place at any given time! So, once the date is booked, look into your photographers.

4.Choose your guest list and send out the invites! The earlier this is done, the more chance you have of guaranteeing these special individuals are free to celebrate your big day with you.

5.Finalise your running order (or at least, as close to final as possible). This might seem like a little too early to be considering these details but think about the day as a whole. You have booked a beautiful venue with some incredible catering and you have this for a very set window. Speeches, reception, dinners and dancing all have to be melted into an orchestra of celebration and by thinking about this early on, you can absolutely minimise time lost, and maximise the time gained, giving you much greater value for the money spent too!

6.Book in your tasting! Arguably one of the most enjoyable aspects of the whole experience. You get to sit down with your planner and try your chosen menu and some alternatives to decide on your first meal as a married couple! The earlier this is done, the less pressure you feel when having to do this as you approach the big day. It really should be a moment to savour.

7.Choose your band and / or entertainment. Once the wedding breakfast has concluded, you are going to want to celebrate the remainder of the evening in style, whether that be through your chosen playlist of carefully selected songs or via a DJ or band who will keep the ambience up in their own way. Whichever is the case and however simple this may seem, try to organise it early as even the smallest molehills can become mountains as the clock ticks down!

8.Choose your flowers as the seasons can play a part in availability! Incredible flowers, particularly scented ones, can add the finishing touch to your wedding that you may not have even known you wanted. Feeling the environment around you and not just seeing it, only adds to the experience and for some, can enrich it immeasurably.

9.Finalise the guests’ menu choices with a deadline!  Trust me when I say this… the LAST thing you want to be worrying about just weeks ahead of the big day is whether guest number 78 wants beef or chicken… or worse, HOW they would like their beef cooked!? There are so many other things, notably more enjoyable things that require your attention in the run-up to the day!

10.Once the planning is out of the way you must try to relax in the final week before the big day! You will have spent a very long time organising many different aspects of this moment and it’s only going to happen once so try to relax. You owe it to yourself to enjoy this moment for what it is and remember it forever.

With that said, and in keeping with point number 1 (!), have you decided on your venue yet, or are you keen to start looking? We have got an incredible list of venues across London and beyond with many of them owning their own patch of open air greenery to enjoy for some incredible photography. To name a few; Gunnersbury Park, Syon Park and Harrow School all offer a unique experience and would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you that first look.

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