Top tips for Guildhall • Seasoned Events

Top tips for Guildhall

The Guildhall is one of Seasoned’s most prized venues, and we are there at least once a week, on average.

As a London caterer who work here so often, we thought we would share our top 10 features of the Guildhall.

1. No restrictions on food and drink in most spaces, so let your imagination run wild with themes.

2. This venue comes with furniture and kitchen, which is perfect for us and the client.

3. There is a space for any number of guests you may have; from hosting small dinners in the Parlour, to large banquet dinners and conferences in the Great Hall.

4. The Crypts have an amazing atmosphere for evening receptions and even dinners!

5. The Great Hall speaks for itself; make use of the space with AV, and production – themes like Harry Potter work great in this room!

6. The Old Library is a great space for small dinners and receptions.

7. The Amphitheatre is a new space in the Guildhall that is perfect for pre-dinner drinks, drink receptions and dinners.

8. The Art Gallery is a great space to have a drinks reception and capture your guests’ attention!

9. If you’re looking for a space to have a round table or an intimate dinner, the Basinghall Suite or Parlour are perfect for this.

10. The Guildhall comes with a great reputation and is a prestigious venue to hold any event, so why not wow your guests with all this and more!