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Top tips for English Heritage venues

What are known today as English Heritage sites have historically been the responsibility of many state departments; all with varying roles and differing names and distinctions. Going as far back as the Norman Conquest with the ‘Kings Works’ before being brought forward through time to what we understand as the English Heritage today, the representation of England’s most historical sites has been protected by many parties and it was only in 1882 that the state officially took all legal responsibility for further maintenance and guardianship. As a result of this longevity, each and every venue is steeped in not just its own history but the history of all those who pledged their time and life to protect it, particularly through some of the most trying periods to date. We work with five fantastic English Heritage sites; Wellington Arch, Eltham Palace, Kenwood House, Wrest Park and Ranger’s House. Each one of these venues is beautiful in its own way and all are perfect for events. Here are some tips to consider when hosting your event at an English Heritage venue:

1.We are able to offer Asian catering at these venues through our Asian catering brand Mazaa.

2. Kenwood House has a beautiful flower garden which is perfect for summer events for up to 480 guests.

3. There is so much history surrounding each of the English Heritage venues that there will also be a really interesting story behind the venue that you can link into your event.

4. Ranger’s House has over 700 pieces of Renaissance art which make a great talking point for your guests.

5. If you are looking for an intimate dinner venue in an iconic venue, then Wellington Arch is the place for you as this London landmark can hold up to 36 for a dinner.

6. For a venue that is away from the hustle and bustle of London, head to Wrest Park. This 19th century mansion is set in 92 acres of stunning gardens.

7. Wrest Park is the largest of the English Heritage venues we work at, offering a marquee option seating 1,000 guests.

8. Wellington Arch and Eltham Palace both offer fantastic views of London: a great find if you are booking a summer event.

9. In most English Heritage sites there are some restrictions on food and drink in order to preserve the venues. At Seasoned we have created some fantastic menus to incorporate these restrictions and still offer a delicious and varied menu.

10. The team at English Heritage are absolutely fantastic, so do not hesitate to give them a call to discuss your next event!