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What makes the British summer so special? Is it the warm glow of the sun, bringing with it classically moderate temperatures of 23 to 24 degrees? Or perhaps the ever-present breeze during those long summer days, taking the edge off those exceptional peaks of 27 degrees and higher? Our British delicacies also play a role in providing that quintessentially British summer but the environment around us cannot be understated. In London specifically, it can be a challenge finding pockets of green to enjoy during the height of the season. However, we know of a wonderfully intimate space, secluded in the vast evergreen of Hyde Park.

The Lookout – a beautifully green (both aesthetically and ethically!) venue offers anyone and everyone the opportunity to organise a day or afternoon to remember! Everything about the space feels seasonal as its lush gardens glow when blossoming in the summer months and are teeming with life, and boasting carpets of wonderfully colourful floristry. Fire pits can be found nestled away in the corners of the venue offering a warm area to huddle round in, particularly as an evening winds down and the temperature begins to sink. Outdoor seats and ponds are scattered throughout, further emphasising the organic and earthly atmosphere of the venue.

But how many people can it hold? This expanse of outdoor open space can hold upwards of 300 guests in multiple spaces, all connected by meandering pathways that have been laid throughout the gardens like a river, funnelling you through each area and gifting you the sights, sounds and smells of the life all around you. It doesn’t ALL have to be outside though. If your evening requires some formality to it, perhaps an awards ceremony to kick things off, the inside space can offer seating for up to 80 guests before spilling out and relaxing for the remainder of the evening.

The food? This is always a very preferential topic, however we would highly recommend a BBQ or food stations. When hiring an outdoor space for a summer party, you really want to be pushing that theme all the way. As such, tapping into a festival-like atmosphere can go a very long way into keeping your guests entertained and by offering a taste profile that will be memorable… the on-site pizza oven is always a great shout too! Like the gardens, the venue is best enjoyed by keeping it all flowing and keeping the guests moving; that way the whole party should feel alive and this type of food service lends itself exceptionally well to that.

How do we get there? Often transportation to a venue can be something of a concern, especially if it’s not completely ‘central’ in location and this is only made harder when looking for anything green in this concrete metropolis. The LookOut solves this by being located just 10 minutes (being mindful of footwear!) from Marble Arch station which offers direct and easy access right onto the Central Line!

While dates are drying up faster than the British weather is improving (!) there are still evenings and weekends available and we would love to discuss with you your potential plans, should you still be looking to book this in. Sometimes parties like this can get away from you as you begin the year on a busy back foot, but we are here now to help get this all organised for you and with a magnificent venue to boot!

On the off-chance that your interest hasn’t piqued quite yet, sustainability and charitability are two of the venue’s key directives and as such, all proceeds from hiring the venue go towards The Lookout’s charitable objectives in areas of heritage, education, wellbeing and nature.

For more information on our summer packages at this fantastic venue please call 020 7236 2149 or email