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Supplier spotlight: First for Fish

This month in the supplier spotlight we are introducing you to First for Fish.

First for Fish are our long-standing fish supplier based in the East End of London. Established by David Hayes in 2001, First for Fish was born out of a passion to serve high quality sustainable fish to Essex, eventually expanding to clients all around London, as well as Brighton.

David was already on the culinary scene before he started, having built-up experience in the industry with Ronnie Scotts, Aldo Zilli, Jamie Oliver and Ed Baines.

The demand from all areas of the catering and processing industry for products derived from a “sustainable” source has increased exponentially over the years, and First For Fish is constantly striving to meet this challenge and requirements of their varied customer base.

One of the ways to stay up to scratch is to be cognisant of the measures introduced by the Marine Conservation Society, which produces a list of “fish to eat” and “fish to avoid.” To help First for Fish make the correct choice of products at all times, and provide traceability and sourcing information for their customer base, they have adopted and use when considered necessary the “Good Catch” guide. The guide keeps us up-to-date with current fishery production area news and constantly updates the individual fish rating chart.

Another huge factor of importance is quality and hygiene. First for Fish have long been an accredited SALSA supplier, attaining the safe and local supplier approval certification.

First for Fish provide Scottish salmon, scallops, sea trout, halibut and all types of exotic fish from around the world.

The smoked salmon comes with a variety of marinades which can be delivered as whole sides or D cuts if thin slices are required. First for Fish offer a marinade infusion for every taste. Here is a list of the most popular smoked salmon infusions requested:

Beetroot marinated salmon

Gin and juniper

Vodka and lemon

Lemon and black pepper

Thai curry

The most festive flavour at the moment seems to be gin and tonic smoked salmon.