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Summer at The LookOut

We are soon approaching the time to start considering our summer parties!

Summer parties are always a fantastic experience for guests and planners alike as we endeavour to make the most of the British sun and weather while it is here! In particular, holding summer parties in London is always a unique experience with the city having a plethora of interesting venues and spaces all with their own distinctive attraction. Some of the most notable venues in London stand out for their long and weathered history through the development of British culture through the ages and certainly offer something intriguing when hiring the spaces for your events. However, what these types of spaces, incredible as they are, can’t offer you is that truly outdoor experience. Sometimes with your summer party you just want to feel that sun beating down on you, perhaps even hear the wind passing through the leaves of tall trees, as you enjoy good music and some exquisite food. This is the dream, right?

Well, this is where The Lookout steps-in.

The LookOut is one of our key venues at Seasoned – it is an amazing space in the middle of Hyde Park, in its own private area, where guests get to enjoy the acre of beautiful gardens which could be anywhere in the country, right in the heart of London. For summer this space is amazing for outside entertainment – with the option of a stretched tent to cover areas on the occasion of bad weather and a great inside space. indeed the eco gardens, wooden patios, quirky areas and their own pizza ovens, make this a fantastic venue to enjoy in the summer.  The LookOut offers dedicated and expansive outdoor, open-air gardens with an indoor area available as a secondary attraction if required. Its gardens are brimming with character and wildlife as they are tended to expertly throughout the year before this is ramped-up as we enter spring. Colour fills the retinas as you walk around its meandering routes with the scents of blossoming flora bombarding the other senses. Sounds blissful, no? The Lookout sounds like it should be out in the open country somewhere.

So where is The LookOut exactly?

You might love the initial idea of an outdoor space with a summer party in mind; I mean, who wouldn’t? But perhaps the realities of transport links are weighing you down as they have done previously, and the feasibility of ensuring all your guests can arrive on time (or at all!) is in the forefront of your mind. Well how about if we told you The LookOut is situated right in the heart of London’s West End? Hyde Park, the home of so many iconic musicians and artists all throughout the summer, and indeed, to the legendary Winter Wonderland in the winter, houses one of London’s greatest eventing gems! Fret not about transport links any more!

What works well at The LookOut during the summer?

BBQs of course! The open space’s afforded and cleverly crafted landscape can offer rich festival-like experiences for both corporate or private summer parties. Consider spicing it up further with Interactive Food Stations, so the guests can get involved with the foods as they are finished or prepared in front of their eyes, which is perfectly fitting for such an organic and open space. Pizza? An on-site pizza oven can offer a pizza experience not typically available during events as we are able to ensure the authenticity of the pizza produced is simply mouth-watering. Networking or just plain fun can be explored in equal measure as the winding paths and routes around the gardens keep the parties flowing. Fire pits anyone? Stretch tents for some designation entertainment? Tipis?

How many guests can you have?

The nature of a summer party means flexibility is key as they are often, though not exclusively, far more enjoyable if not casual affairs. As such, the venue is able to accommodate anything from 80 guests up to 300, ensuring you are able to tailor your guest list perfectly.

The possibilities at The LookOut are endless as many of a typical London venue’s guidelines do not apply here. We believe though, that it’s this contrast that adds one of the greatest appeals to The LookOut for your summer parties. The venue’s ability to take you away from this concrete jungle and wrap you in this organic and sustainable bubble, all the while still being in the centre of it all, is incredible. You are almost hiding in plain sight and yet, have your own slice of exclusivity. The LookOut is a pocket of magic reserved just for you, your guests and your evening, as you get to watch the sun set over this bustling city surrounded by trees, flowers, friends, colleagues and the heat from the sinking sun.

Just in case your interest hasn’t peaked quite yet, sustainability and charitability are two of the venue’s key directives and as such, all proceeds from hiring the venue go towards The Lookout’s charitable objectives in areas of heritage, education, wellbeing and nature.

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