Seasoned partners with Arena Ice to get your skates on

Beefeater sm Dave Evitts


December is on the horizon so we are getting our skates on.

We are teaming up with the wonderful people at Arena Ice to bring Christmas cheer to the ice rinks at Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace.

We have designed this year’s menus around the true spirit of family… sharing! So welcome to the feast – it is December after all. Our food concept at the both of these historic sites is based around social eating and sharing experiences.


Our pie boards and fondue pots are designed to be shared, dipped and dunked; giving everyone the chance to get involved. We want our retail offer to appeal to a wide audience – from the families deliberating over which hot chocolate toppings to go for, to the groups of friends making the most of our diddy doughnuts and brioches in hot chocolate sauce fondues. We aim to offer something different for everyone, and create some tweet-able moments too!


When it comes to Christmas we love traditions, so our mulled wine and cider will definitely be on the go and our gingerbreads are sure to make an appearance at the bakery counter. These sites of cultural heritage are not just home to Londoners like ourselves, but are also cosy destinations for international guests joining in the festivities at the ice rinks. Our Christmas cheer will be plentiful and our bar open!


We are also taking bookings for private parties too. Our chefs have designed a Party Night menu to appeal to the wider ‘local worker’ audiences – from our Dr Pepper pulled pork to our roasted pumpkin pies, our winter warmer fillers will be just the final touch you need when watching the twinkling stars through the glass roof above.