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Science Museum

The Science Museum is located in South Kensington. The Museum has many interactive exhibitions available to enjoy with your colleagues during a corporate event.

That’s right, you read that correctly, corporate events can be organised inside the Science Museum. Picture this, drinks in hand, canapé attendants are servicing the room, all while you get to enjoy the ‘Who am I?’ exhibition, which entertainingly and interactively offers you a timeline of how we as the human race came from primordial ooze millennia ago, to mastering technology and developing artificial intelligence outside of our own! It’s a nice way to spend time after a long and busy day at work to get lost in what makes us human; what gave us our identity; to experience and see how we developed and changed at each point through time.

And what about this? There is an exhibition simulating what your voice might sound like a decade or more from now, all based on technology. The Science Museum is filled with examples of how we have grown and developed as a species, and documents each and every milestone of our technological and industrial development. It’s truly outstanding. It’s the perfect way to switch off from the day-to-day and wow your guests.

There are a number of spaces available to hire in the Museum, and we have summarised them below:

Illuminate, for up to 450 people for conference and reception.

Flight Gallery, for up to 400 people; this has the wow factor for a dinner event.

Imax Theatre, for up to 414 people; the perfect conference space.

Welcome Wing Basement, for up to 400 people; where we can organise nice exhibition stands with food, working lunches and nice refreshments breaks.

Engineer your future, for up to 220 people;  a very engaging space for corporate events.

Energy Hall, for up to 500 guests; perfect for standing receptions.

Exploring Space, for up to 300 guests; a great space for dinner and dancing.

Making the Modern World, for up to 750 guests; ideal for large scale events.

Tomorrow’s World, for up to 450 people; great for evening events.

Wonderlab, for up to 400 guests; for a great interactive standing reception.

Mathematics: The Winton Gallery, for up to 200 guests; perfect for a pre-dinner reception.

Information Age, for up to 400 guests; an ideal evening event space.

Atmosphere, for up to 160 guests; perfect for an interactive reception or small dinner.

Who Am I? for up to 300 guests; a great contemporary evening space.


Give us a call to discuss hosting your next event at the fantastic Science Museum.