Rum • Seasoned Events


If you say rum, straight away the Caribbean comes to mind; summer, music, parties and happiness. If you have a summer party this year then rum is the perfect accompaniment.

Rum is a spirit that’s distilled either from fermented molasses or freshly pressed sugar cane juice. Molasses-based rums generally have a sweet note with flavours of molasses, banana and tropical fruit (their complexity is ramped up by ageing them in barrels), while those made with sugar cane juice (like rum Agricola and Cachaça) have pronounced grassy and vegetal notes.

Rum is made in sugar cane producing countries, especially those in the Caribbean. Very aged versions are generally sipped neat, while unaged and lesser aged spirits are mixed in classic, Tiki and modern cocktails.

We have put together a great canapé menu to complement your rum cocktails:

Mini jerk-spiced chicken sliders with rainbow slaw

Pulled beef, short ribs sliders with dark rum, Dijon & maple glaze

Chorizo & truffle mash spoons with papaya crisp

Jerk salmon cakes with grilled pineapple & peach salsa

Spicy shrimp shot with ginger & mango

Salt cod croquettes with limed ketchup

Blackened red pepper coconut & sweet potato patties with limed salsa verde

Jerk Halloumi skewers with papaya salsa

Sweet potato cakes with blackened aubergine