Restaurant Review: PF Chang’s Asian Table

PF Chang’s Asian Table is well known as a chain of restaurants in America. There is only one of them in the whole of Europe, and luckily it’s in Leicester Square. I have visited the restaurant twice and have been really impressed both times; once on a date, and one for a birthday meal with about 12 guests. It was great to see how they worked under the pressure of a big meal, which they handled pretty well!

As a large group, I was able to sneak tastes of other meals as well as devour my own delicious plates. We began the night with some cocktails and drinks, each of the lads with an old fashioned, me and the girlies went for variations of mojito; passion fruit for me and strawberry for the others. The mocktails were also fabulous, and were much more than juice and some mint leaves. Indeed they were so super refreshing to the point I was more tempted to order a mocktail for my second drink then my mojito!

Some of the guests chose to begin with appetisers. The Dynamite Shrimp was one I tasted, a classic P.F Chang’s dish, served in a large Martini glass. The aesthetic was beautiful and the taste divine! Fresh seafood clearly and the aioli was very complementary. The portion is definitely made for sharing which is something to keep in mind!

For mains I ordered the Dali Chicken, a sweet and nicely spicy Sichuan sauce with chicken, potato and spring onion. This was my favourite dish out of both visits and everything I’ve ever tasted here. It was very suited to my palate and something I will be reordering. For anyone who feels spicy food isn’t their strong point, maybe ask for it to be a little milder, or go for plain rice over fried rice to help balance the taste. I had this with the fried rice as a side, and I must say the food is very filling. I was unable to finish it all, as much as I wanted to. I also tasted their Mongolian beef on my first visit, which had a lovely flavour; however it did taste a little dry for my liking. It needed more of the sauce while cooking, to keep it moist and let the flavour really seep into the meat.

I noticed a great improvement in the food. My first visit was January 2018, and my second February 2020, and the quality of the menu is now reflected in the dishes served to you. When I had been in the past, I tasted one or two things which, rightfully so, are no longer available there.

I believe there is an impression that this is a rather expensive meal but I feel you can dine comfortably at around £30 a head, plus drinks As a big lover of Asian food, it tickled my fancy;  however you can see it is indeed a chain restaurant and not fine dining. For the price you pay, I feel the quality is great and worth at least visiting once.