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Q&A with the Woodland Trust

gregallenphotolondoneventphotography-7287We create brilliant events every day of the week, but sometimes there are ones that just steal your heart and last week that happened. We worked with the Woodland Trust to create their summer event at the V&A set to the backdrop of rustic forage stations, floating globes and an abundance of lanterns. It was a beautiful sight to see.
The event featured lots of small finishing touches, from the wrapped vintage ‘Woodland Tree’ books to our canapé markers made from ‘Woodland Families’ cards, the smoked peaches that were pressed for the welcome cocktails and the sticky dandelion glazed hams carved at the stations. After six months in the making, we chatted to the lovely ladies at the Woodland Trust to find out why they used us and if we met their expectations. Here’s what they said…

What did you set out to achieve for your event and how did the catering play a part in this?

Our theme for the evening was ‘Without trees, it’s a different story’, with the intention of highlighting how woods and trees are integrated within all aspects of our life. It was therefore really important to us that the food and drinks continued this theme. 

What things were you looking for in a catering partner?

We wanted to work with a caterer who understood the brief and could interpret our vision in a creative, visually spectacular and tasty way!

What was your favourite aspect of the event?

The forage stations were fantastic, they truly demonstrated our theme, looked stunning and tasted amazing. The attention to detail drew our guests in and they enjoyed the experience of foraging for their supper.

What was the best piece of feedback you received from the event?

It’s hard to choose as we have received so many lovely messages from our guests. Everyone loved the venue, the music, the experience of foraging and how the garden was transformed into a magical woodland wonderland as the sun set. We were so lucky that the weather turned at the last minute and you were able to change plans and set up outside at such short notice.

If you had to summarise the service you received in four words, what would they be?

Creative, flexible, efficient, tasty!

“We are so pleased to have chosen you to handle our biggest event to date.”