People make our events happen | Interview by cookbook

Yotam Ottolenghi cookbook | Nopi


Dream events are made by people, not just websites, proposals or kit and liquor sheets. We interview by cookbook here! And with our two new recruits there is a lot of cookbook chatter!


Phoebe has recently joined our Events team as an Event Sales Executive. Of course it doesn’t take us long to give her the ‘food quiz’, so here it is:


What’s your favourite cookbook?

I love anything from Ottolenghi.


What food always tempts you in the supermarket?

Anchovies, they are one of my favourites – a university staple and a great love.


Clothes or Kitchenalia?

Kitchenalia, that’s really sad isn’t it!


Who is your favourite chef?

Jamie Oliver – his meals are family-oriented and very easy to make. It’s a Friday night staple.


What is your greatest restaurant aspiration?

Le Gavroche. I really admire Michelle Roux Jr, and would love to eat in such an institution.


Sweet or savoury

Definitely savoury, every time.


What’s the one gastronomical skill you would like to learn?

I would love to try to make a sugar bowl.