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Natural History Museum

Much like the contents and exhibitions of some of London’s most engaging museums, the history of how they came to be is often both surprising and interesting, in equal measure. This is especially true when we look at the Natural History Museum, who over its long life has defined itself by one thing; a long search for its own identity.

The Museum didn’t always exist as we know it today, nor did it hold its current location. Going back over three centuries, we can see the origins of the venue as simply being a collection of artefacts inside of what was known at the time as the British Museum in Montague House, Bloomsbury. It was only in 1864 that a competition was held to design a new museum after land in South Kensington had been purchased for expansion that it moved to its current home. From here, the Museum had its roots firmly grounded as it continued to develop and grow over time, surviving both the first and second world wars. For all this time the Museum was better known as part of the British Museum and hadn’t yet developed its own identity. This all changed in 1963 with the British Museum Act which saw British Museum become its own independent museum with its own board of Trustees, and from this point onwards, the Natural History Museum would forever have secured its own identity and would function independently from its sister museum for the first time in over 250 years.

It’s always intriguing to consider the heritage of some of these illustrious museums and venues and when considered, it really is no wonder they are so popular when considering private and corporate events. With every space you are offered a unique experience; a memory that is outstanding in itself and in some way, your night becomes part of the Museum’s ongoing timeline. This, of course, is always helped by the provision of some of London’s best catering services, which is why any event we are asked to cater for at the Natural History Museum is always a moment of pride shared by everyone at Seasoned Events.