National Croissant Day

For anyone who loves croissants as much as we do in the Seasoned office, you will be pleased to know that 30th January is National Croissant Day! As event caterers in London we love finding out the story behind food so it is timely to share our findings on the croissant. The origins of the croissant date all the way back to 1683. During this time the Turkish Empire was attempting to conquer the city of Vienna in Austria but were unsuccessful: as a result they tried to access the city by digging underground tunnels. Little did they know the bakers in Vienna, who were working in their basement storerooms, could hear them & alerted the army. For their efforts the bakers received high praise & gratitude for their help. In celebration they baked bread into the shape of crescent moons which was the symbol of the Ottoman Empire. Once the Turkish Empire had been defeated it became tradition to serve the crescent shaped pastry. The legend goes on that over a hundred years later Marie Antoinette brought the pastry to France & it was they who named it a croissant.

In recent times the croissant has taken on some modern twists; we have had the “cruffin” (croissant & muffin) the “cronut” (croissant & doughnut) & more recently the “crossushi” which is a croissant filled with sushi. Now, the crossushi may not sound like the most appealing snack but surprisingly it works really well! The salmon isn’t raw like in in a traditional sushi roll; it’s a smoked salmon that has a rich flavour that doesn’t seem out of place as it has been baked into the pastry. The ginger & wasabi flavours are very subtle, & the nori seasoning complements it perfectly. Anyone who appreciates seafood & savoury dishes will love this!