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Must try non-alcoholic drinks in 2016

Thinking about having a dry January? There are so many reasons for all London event caterers to take the plunge this year.

Leave behind the bubbles, spiced rum and overzealous pouring of infused gins, it’s time to exchange your jam jar for a water bottle. However water doesn’t have to be just water. Plant ‘super waters’ will definitely be used at our food design events in 2016.

Here are four drinks that conference organisers, awards planners and brides-to-be should all keep an eye out for!

  1. Birch water
    Look out for it in your day catering packages or your ‘green rooms’ soon!
    This is the new ‘it’ drink for 2016. For just a few weeks of the year, forests across the northern hemisphere fill up with a silent burst of activity as hundreds of litres of sap rise up daily through each mature birch tree in preparation for the spring. It is then tapped and bottled and some claim birch water can treat everything from flu, headaches and dandruff to eczema, cellulite and liver disease. More common benefits are hydration, controlled cholesterol and an improved immune system, with some believing it can flush out toxins, uric acid and excess water thanks to its diuretic properties.
  2. Coconut water
    Gone are the days of semi-skimmed, skimmed, soya and almond, because the choice is now expanding. This particular water is tapped from the young green coconuts before it has time to grow into ‘meat’.It’s already been featured in our ‘grab and go’ conference offerings but we are also going to experiment with it in our cocktails this year so watch out! It has been marketed as a natural energy / sports drink as a result of its low levels of fat, carbohydrates and calories as well as a significant electrolyte content.  It’s long been the best friend of Nutribullet owners everywhere but in recent years its popularity has grown immensely. This year we are seeing it move into our lattés in milk form.
  3. Aloe water
    Aloe water contains 200 biologically active components such as vitamins A, C and E, minerals and amino acids. Who says water only comes from the tap? Aloe is one of the oldest plants in the world and is favoured by traditional cultures, historically employed to soothe all kinds of ailments, whether it’s digestive issues or fevers. More esoterically, smearing it on your body is believed to be able to combat perspiration like hunters in Congo do.
  4. Watercolour water
    Made up of around 92% water, watermelon is the ultimate thirst quencher. Cold, pressed watermelon is packed with antioxidants and contains six times more electrolytes than your favourite sports drink as well as loads of L-citrulline (which is heaven for your muscles). It’s all food for thought for us event caterers.  We reckon this is gonna be our summer favourite.

    This is a hydration sensation spreading love to the nation!