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This month’s must buy snack – gooseberries

Gooseberries fruits on white background. Ripe summer fruits background.Gooseberries are a big favourite in the Seasoned office, although they have fallen out of favour in recent years as cooks opt for brighter crumble contenders such as raspberries and blackcurrants. We want to see the revival of the gooseberry as it is now in season and at its best. Later in the summer comes the dessert gooseberries that are sweet enough to be eaten raw. We have come up with five uses for gooseberries. Our favourite is the gooseberry and elderflower fizz.

Gooseberry pie

This is an easy way to take care of Sunday’s dessert, but try getting creative with puff pastry for a change instead. Layer up baked pastry sheets with gooseberry compote and custard for a speedy pudding that’ll wow the crowds.

Smoked mackerel & gooseberry salad

Mackerel and gooseberries might seem like an unusual combination but trust us, it works. Give it a go in this salad recipe.


Gooseberry compote tastes delicious with Brie and Camembert and will give goats’ cheese an even feistier kick.

Gooseberry ginger beer

In early summer, gooseberries get fat – the best kind – so use them in this delightful al fresco cocktail recipe.

Gooseberry & elderflower fizz

A lightly floral Prosecco based cocktail with crushed fresh fruit and a refreshing cordial

What you will need… 

12 gooseberries

1 tbsp caster sugar

Juice of ½ lemon

3 tbsp elderflower cordial

Chilled sparkling wine for topping up (we used Prosecco)


Tip gooseberries and sugar into a cocktail shaker or large jam jar with a lid. Using the end of a rolling pin, mix the gooseberries and sugar together. Add lemon juice, cordial and four ice cubes then pop the lid on and shake well. Strain into glasses and top up with white wine then stir before serving.

Enjoy experimenting with gooseberries this summer!