Market Report - April 16 • Seasoned Events

Market Report – April 16

As we enter April we are seeing new Spring arrivals. Wild Garlic from Cherry Tree farms. Jersey Ware and shortly to follow Jersey Mids, although these have been short in supply as late.

English Asparagus is available but more expensive! This is the early stuff grown in poly tunnels!

As the name would suggest Spring Green is excellent. Black Cabbage has finished.

There is some very good Pointed Cabbage,

Kale is still available along with Red Kale. Purple Sprouting is hit and miss at the moment so please check availability.

English Cauliflower is on its way back and has come down in price! English Leeks! Moved onto strawed Carrots which means they have been in the ground stored under Straw to protect them.

Excellent Candied and Golden Beetroot.

All Spuds are coming out of store and the price is slightly up but remain   good including Chippers Choice, Maris Pipers, Agria, Lovers, King Edwards, Reds and Mids.

Excellent Affila Cress, Mustard Cress and Leafy Mix Salads from Dawndew in Lancashire. Wow micros now have full availability. Please inquire for more unusual items such as Micro Flowers and their Sea Range will give you more info!

English Top Fruit:

Cox available, English Comice and Conference Pears on the market