Market Report - May 16 • Seasoned Events

Market Report – May 16

Cauliflowers will be liking the weather and we should be seeing a price drop. English Asparagus is readily available and good value. Courgettes, Leeks and Broccoli on the price rise due to the fact we are waiting for the English season to start. English Strawberries have started but we are not seeing the best in the Market yet as the Supermarkets get first of the good Strawberries. English Raspberries have started.


Jersey Royals a must right now! Wild Garlic! Potatoes are going up in price as we are coming to the end of store. (Reds, Lovers, King Edwards,Maris & Chippers £££) Also ££ Cauliflowers gone up. English Greens are mainly Hispi and Green no Savoy these are Portuguese. Carrots and Parsnips switching to European stock.  English Salads have started including Iceberg and Cos but price is high. English Heritage Tomatoes are available.


Dutch products include your Peppers, Aubergines, Yellow Courgettes and Cucumbers. European Salads. Lovely bunch Breakfast Radish, Baby Veg and Heritage Carrots. Baby Globe Artichokes and Jerusalem Artichokes. Moroccan Peas and Broad beans and just in Fresh Corn on the cob!


White Grape is still expensive as its New Season Moroccan. We are moving into Spanish Melon season this is slightly behind so seeing a gap with the South American produce. Peaches and Nectarines are now better. Yellow Plums a good splash of colour for your bowl. South African William Pears which are crunchy. Plums are reasonable. Moved onto Satsumas from Nardecotes, better peeling and juicy!Ready to Eat Avocados have become short in supply into the UK market hence why they seem sometimes slightly under ripe. Spanish Raspberries and Blueberries. Dutch Strawberries  Seen first of Alfonso Mangoes and Cherries but ££