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Make Me | Bonfire Toffee

Bonfire toffees

Bonfire toffee is a real taste of the season. Also known as ‘plot toffee’, this sticky brittle is a homage to the Yorkshire lad and common rebel Guy Fawkes. It is important that the toffee reaches the correct temperature or it will not be brittle and hard when it sets. It is definitely worth investing in a sugar thermometer when buying the ingredients to make this. That said, the toffee still tastes good even when a little soft and sticky, but it won’t be true bonfire toffee.


Oil, for greasing 450g dark brown sugar 125ml hot water ¼ tsp cream of tartar 115g black treacle 115g golden syrup

  1. Line the base and sides of a Swiss roll tin with non-stick parchment and grease it well. Put the sugar and hot water in a large heavy bottomed pan, and heat gently until the sugar is dissolved. Do not stir the mixture, instead tilt the pan if you need to move it around.
  2. Grease a jug and weigh out your remaining ingredients into the jug; they will be much easier to pour out. Once the sugar has dissolved add all the ingredients and put the sugar thermometer in.
  3. Bring to the boil and continue boiling until you reach soft crack on your thermometer (280/140C) – this can take up to 30 minutes so be patient. As soon as it reaches the temperature, tip the toffee into your prepared tin and leave it to cool.
  4. When it’s cool, remove it from the tin and break the toffee up into bite-sized chunks with a rolling pin. Store in an airtight tin or wrap up in boxes or cellophane bags tied with a ribbon to give as gift.