Hot cross buns

With Easter just around the corner we have been tucking in to plenty of hot cross buns in the Seasoned office. Most people like the traditional hot cross bun, simply toasted with some butter, but we have been looking into alternatives to make things a little more interesting. We have shared our favourites with you below.


Cupcakes / Who doesn’t love cupcakes? If you love these sweet treats as much as we do, then why not try making some hot cross bun shaped cakes with the traditional cross made from spiced buttercream icing? This is a great option for children.


French toast / Start the long weekend with some hot cross bun French toast. Any kind of bread can be used for French toast, & hot cross buns are no exception. Serve with mugs of hot tea & the satisfying feeling of four days off work!


Chocolate / Raisins are a love or hate food item & if you are in the anti-raisin camp, remove them from your hot cross buns & replace with chocolate chips. This is definitely one to get your kids involved in: the appeal of warm chocolate bread should have them pleading to help you make them!


Cheese / Now this is a more controversial option & not for the more traditional people out there. You can replace the raisins & mixed peel of sweet hot cross buns with Cheddar & Parmesan cheese. Serve these cheese buns with a thick hot soup for the ultimate comfort meal.


If you fancy getting creative with your party catering this weekend, why not try some of the above to wow your guests!