I’m a Celebrity – could you eat their food?

With the final of “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” taking place yesterday, we have been debating in the office whether we could eat the food they get given for dinner. From eating witchetty grubs in trials to crocodile feet for dinner, the campmates have a very interesting diet. We’re not sure we could do it but as a London catering company we are always looking to try new dishes, so we have had a look at what delicacies other countries enjoy.


Japan – In Japan they don’t waste any part of the fish and love to eat tuna eyeballs. They are said to taste like squid and can be cooked by simply boiling or steaming and seasoning with garlic or soy sauce.


Cambodia – Crispy tarantulas are a popular snack in Cambodia, they are served deep fried and taste a bit like crab. Cambodians first started eating them when they were starving under the Khmer Rouge regime but they have now become extremely popular.


Mongolia – Mongolian’s like to enjoy a few glasses of Airag, which is fermented horse milk. They take mare’s milk then allow it to ferment into a fizzy, sour and slightly alcoholic beer-like drink. It is served in a bowl and any remaining liquid gets poured back into the main container.


We’re not sure we could stomach these ourselves but what about you?