“Hot seat” questions with Kat • Seasoned Events

“Hot seat” questions with Kat

I started my events career working in 5 star hotels as a wedding co-ordinator, progressing through to working in operations and finally finding myself as a Venue Manager with Seasoned .

Favourite London restaurant. – Sexyfish in Mayfair.  When you’ve finished enjoying their incredible food, the bar and a DJ are only a few small steps away!

What do you enjoy cooking? – Italian!  My nonna left behind a huge battered old cook book full of her recipes that my whole family fights over

What don’t people know about you? – That I once performed on the West End stage with Jason Donavan.

What is your hidden talent – I regularly take part in Flash Mobs with my choir.

Who would you invite to try your signature dish? (Can be anyone!) – Robin Williams- incredibly talented man gone too soon

Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver? (Who’s your favourite and why?) – Gordon without a doubt! Although between us I think the air would be rather blue!

What do you like most about working in events? – The free food! We are always well fed by our fantastic kitchen team on events

Favourite venue? – The Leander Club in Henley on Thames- my summer home for the last 3 years.

What 3 things can’t you live without? – Rum, music and pasta

Most adventurous experience? – As a scout leader I have had many adventurous experiences, but my favourite would have to be riding the world’s fastest zip wire over a slate mine in Wales.

Mexican vs Italian and why? – Italian, ovviamente!

If you could travel anywhere what would be your dream destination? –  Japan.  I have a great love of all things “video game” and would need to take four extra suitcases to bring home tat!