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Giuliana’s “Hot Seat” questions

Favourite London restaurant The Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden

What do you enjoy cooking? Asian cuisine, in particular pad Thai noodles

What don’t people know about you? I am a big foodie, I grew up in a family of chefs and that I’m a very demanding customer when I eat out

What is your hidden talent Food blogging and food photography

Who would you invite to try your signature dish? (Can be anyone!) My parents so they realise that other cuisines apart from Italian can be delicious

Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver? (Who’s your favourite and why?) Gordon, always. I’m obsessed with his cooking show and I have been lucky enough to try some of his restaurants in London

What do you like most about working in events? The amazing feedback that I receive from my clients after months of planning and negotiation.The success of each event gives me the buzz to continuously keep my clients happy and satisfied

Favourite venue? Natural History Museum – I always feel overwhelmed by the greatness of the space.

What 3 things can’t you live without? My family, my love and my future plans

Most adventurous experience? I am not really an adventurous person. If I have to choose, it would be a road trip from London to Spain by car with 4 of my friends.

Mexican vs Italian and why? Italian, of course!

If you could travel anywhere what would be your dream destination? Tokyo – it would be so great to experience a complete different culture