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Food Trends for 2019

Food trends are often very short-lived and as a new year aproaches we, as an event caterer, are looking at what is predicted to be popular in 2019. Whole Foods have just released their predictions for what is going to be hot next year and it makes for interesting reading!

Pacific Rim flavours

2019 will be full of flavours from Asia, Oceania and the western coasts of North and South America.

As we become more open to trying new foods and stepping out of our comfort zones, Whole Foods predicts that standard fruits will be replaced with more tropical fruits like passion fruit and dragon fruit in smoothies and cocktails. The popular vegan alternative to meat, jackfruit, will also be seen in more restaurants and supermarkets.


At present, most probiotics require refrigeration but that will soon be changing. There are new strains of probiotics that will be found in items such as granola, nutrition bars and soups. We should also expect to see probiotics in household products such as makeup and cleaning products.

Healthy fats

Health fats are no longer the enemy and are back “in” again for 2019 – this is in some part thanks to the increasing popularity of keto and paleo diets.

Whole Foods predicts snacks such as popcorn made with grass-fed ghee will be popular along with other fat-filled snacks such as chicken chips.


This trend has already begun but it is expected that it will grow even more popular in 2019 with brands looking to discover the possible benefits of hemp plants.

Packaging that won’t harm the environment

This is a cause that we at Seasoned are really committed too, as we are already removing plastic from our events where possible.

Single-use products will also become multi-use as brands look at packaging alternatives such as beeswax, waxed canvas or silicone.

“Trailblazing” frozen treats

Forget the traditional vanilla or chocolate; the newest ice cream flavours will be much more unique!

In addition to bases like “avocado, hummus, tahini and coconut water,” it is predicted that the rise in savoury ice cream flavours will continue to grow.

The flavours and new techniques have been inspired by global influences such as Thai rolled ice cream.

Alcoholic popsicles will also continue to be a popular summer treat.

Sea greens

Seaweed has been replaced by kelp and algae as the popular sea snack. Whole Foods predicts “puffed snacks made from water lily seeds,” plant-based tuna substitutes, crispy salmon skins, and kelp jerkies will all be popular.

Fancy snacks

Snacks in general will receive an upgrade to swankier versions – with charcuterie or cheeseboards set to become the standard.

Childhood snacks of the past will also be re-vamped.

Empowering purchases

Consumers will have high expectations from the brands they choose to purchase.

As well as the environment, shoppers will consider animal welfare and presence as they purchase. This means brands must prove they are about much more than the products they make.