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Food of the month: Yorkshire pudding

The Yorkshire pudding; could there be anything more traditionally British? As an event caterer it’s not something we get to serve very often but we all love them at Seasoned.

The power of this incredible pastry has seen it earn not just national admiration but international recognition too as our neighbours across the pond celebrate their own National Yorkshire Pudding Day every 13th October! We will of course enjoy them throughout the winter months on dinner tables and in restaurants across the country but where did it all begin? How did this English side dish become so famous?

1737 was the year that the first recipe of ‘’dripping pudding’’ (renamed Yorkshire pudding a decade later by Hannah Glasse) was published and this wonderful dish was introduced to the nation. Originally it was used by crafty restaurateurs as a starter accompanied by a thick gravy to quell the appetites of customers before the main course arrived with the more expensive ingredients! As time went on it found its way into the homes of the working class and was integral to the country during both world wars as the ingredients were low cost and the methods for preparing were simple.

The Yorkshire pudding has withstood the test of time and all the challenges we have faced since its birth almost three centuries ago and despite Earth getting ‘smaller’ as commerce and trade continue to get both simpler and faster, it has resisted the assault of international foods and spices and remained our nation’s favourite.