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Food of the month: Welsh rarebit

The 3rd September was National Welsh Rarebit Day. As an event caterer we love any National food day, but the combination of cheese & bread is better than most & so we were sure to celebrate by having some Welsh rarebit in the office!

Here are five things we found out about Welsh rarebit…

1. Welsh rarebit is a dish made with a savoury sauce of melted cheese &various other ingredients and served hot, after being poured over slices of toasted bread, or the hot cheese sauce may be served in a bowl accompanied by sliced, toasted bread.

2. It originates from the South Wales valleys.

3. Welsh rarebit is usually made with Cheddar cheese.

4. Eighteenth-century English cookbooks state that it was then considered to be a luscious supper or tavern dish, based on the fine Cheddar-type cheeses & the wheat breads.

5. Various recipes for Welsh rarebit include the addition of ale, mustard, ground cayenne pepper or ground paprika & Worcestershire sauce.

Winter is coming & this is the perfect warm, easy meal for a cosy night in!