Feel-good foods

We are officially in the season whereby everyone & anyone is sniffing, coughing, wheezing & permanently has a tissue in their hand. Everyone looks to blame the time of year, central heating & transport: well, has anyone really thought what it is they are putting in their bodies to help fight the flu?

Dieticians, fitness bunnies & doctors have professed that eating the right foods will see immediate effects on your health & body. Along with the professionals, we as event caterers also consider this in our day-to-day life, especially as we are exposed to a varied palate & foods we wouldn’t ordinarily prepare at home. An ingredient & food we like to encourage throughout our menus & especially at this time of year would be the ever so amazing garlic!

Garlic has always been known as strong, pungent food that is cooked alongside a main ingredient of a dish & heightens other flavours. However studies have shown that people adding garlic to their food suffer from far fewer colds during winter, plus garlic also promotes healthy gut flora which rids the body of bad toxins.

Another amazing food event catering companies could choose to add to their menu, would be sweet potato. This understated vegetable is a great source of vitamin A, which plays a key role in maintaining the health of your mucosal surfaces, that includes the inside of your nose & your gastrointestinal tract as well as your skin. You might not think of your skin as part of your immune system but it keeps infections from entering your body.

Finally another amazing food for all you Asian catering lovers is turmeric! One of the most recent spices to be crowned a superfood, turmeric is a rich yellow powder often used in curry dishes. It’s high in antioxidants & considered a natural anti-inflammatory. If you take it on a daily basis, it is known to relieve the body of toxins. It has been shown that people who consume turmeric are less susceptible to colds, coughs & congestion.