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Easter is on its way!

With Easter on the way and the daffodils blooming in our gardens, it’s no wonder our minds have turned to eggs. Yes, it’s that time of year again when the juggernauts of the chocolate industry decide that actually shaping their molten amazement into an egg allows them to charge more money for it. This spring’s hot ticket in London is the Creme Egg Café nestled into Greek Street. This seven week pop-up serves Creme Eggs in four different ways – with soldiers; in a tray bake; with strawberries and cream; and (get ready for it…) in a Creme Egg toastie. Even those less enamoured of the fondant goo will have their curiosity tested. But heck, spring is not all about the calorific naughty time.

Here’s some other delicious eggs…

  1. Kopapa do Turkish eggs served poached with yoghurt and hot chilli butter. Dunking toast in these is just heaven.
  2. Scotch eggs are fast becoming our team’s ‘go to’ snack on our post-work nights out. However they are not just a pub snack. They are fast joining pork pies as the new wedding cakes DuJour so watch this space.
  3. Bad Egg in Moorgate serves the best bottomless brunches and egg fried fries. Trust us, they’re delish!
  4. There is nothing better than a good old egg and soldiers from the same egg cup you used as a child. Of course at 31 I have far more discerning tastes than when I was Mrs Tiggy-Winkle’s number one fan (although I am still in love with my egg cup). Heritage breads are known for their flavour and larger yolks, but they also have firmer whites and stronger shells. Burford Browns from Clarence Court are my favourites. It might be just me but I find it’s always tastier when I know I’m eating from a happy chick.
  5. Fine, we give in… We are slaves to chocolate just as much as the rest of you. Our baking list this month includes Creme Egg Rocky Road.
  6. We’re drooling… http://www.tamingtwins.com/2016/01/29/creme-egg-rocky-road/