Decorations that look so good you could eat them…oh wait!

Edible tree decorations Spun sugar Edible place setting

If you’re looking to start the Christmas feasting a little bit early, then why not take a look at our suggestions for edible decorations to hang on your Christmas tree as well as some important items for the big day. Not only do they look good, but they taste great too!


Christmas Biscuits

What could be easier than making some tasty spiced Christmas biscuits to hang on your tree? Decorate with simple white icing and hang using some red ribbon to add that extra special touch to your tree.


Candy Canes

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without candy canes! These minty treats (or strawberry if you fancy!) are a must have and add that extra bit of festive cheer to anyone’s Christmas tree. If you fancy yourself as an expert confectioner, you could even try and make them yourself!


Napkin Decorations

If you want to do something a little different at Christmas this year, why not try making some edible napkin decorations? All you need to do is add some peppermint essence and rosewater to regal icing, cut into cute shapes, thread some ribbon through and voila!


Sugar Ornaments

If you’re worried your Christmas tree is looking a bit bare but you don’t want to fork out on expensive decorations, then why not try your hand at making your own. Cheap and easy to make, these sugar ornaments made from melted boiled sweets swirled into circles, will add a little more sparkle to your tree.


Place-name biscuits

Another idea to add to your Christmas table to spread festive cheer is place-name biscuits. They also act as a little after dinner treat (if you’re not already stuffed to the brim!) before the delicious Christmas pud is brought to the table.