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Creativity is key

Speaking to clients is apparent, so event planners often want to create a different experience – something that hasn’t been done before. We encounter different reasons to stray from the ‘classic’ event path, and as event caterers we do not shy away from the unknown and accept the challenge of providing a truly unique guest experience.

There are however some key questions you should ask yourself before embarking on this journey that will help us identify your needs and propose these concepts, ensuring we meet your requirements perfectly.

What are you trying to achieve?

Why do you want to create a unique event? Are you launching a new product or rebranding? Entertaining clients and want to outclass your competitors or perhaps engage a new demographic of clients to enhance your brand? Providing this information allows us to understand how to pitch our ideas and decide where money would be best spent. It will also give us an insight into your key demographic and the best suited catering for the event, for example at an event where most of the guests are male, a menu designed around floral arrangements may not be appreciated.

What skills or items can be utilised from within your company?

If you’re a budget conscious business, how can you utilise resources available to you? Do you have an in-house marketing team that can produce your invitations, table plans or print company stickers? We recently worked on a brand’s re-launch and the event needed to be ‘green’ so the company had stickers printed on all of the disposable service ware used and even had sugar logos for the Matcha macaroons.

What is your budget?

This is key when arranging your event! We often encounter some reservations when asking about budgets, but knowing this allows us to create a bespoke proposal that suits your requirements. The cost of being creative in London can be nothing at all or it can be a full on big budget affair. We can utilise our chef’s creativity to minimal cost or we can fully theme your event with props galore!

Our top tip for a creative event

Think about what will excite and engage your guests and how you can utilise the venue you have chosen. It is a growing trend to move away from ‘off the peg’ events, so think about those ‘tweetable’ moments to create an immersive experience.

Most importantly, use our expertise and experience. We relish the opportunity to get our creative juices flowing!