Christmas dishes from around the world!

Hooray! We’ve made it to Christmas! What’s not to love about this time of the year?

Family, friends, mince pies and presents instantly spring to mind, but as an event caterer we’re interested in the food part (the best bit); so we’ve assembled the Seasoned team, spun the globe and picked four countries at random then chose our favourite Christmas dishes from them!

#1 Australia:

On our first attempt, we got Australia. Known for having a summery festive season, the food eaten on Christmas is distinctly different. Our chosen dish (after a little bit of research) was Tamarind Salmon, this is usually cooked on a ‘barbie’ so could it be anymore Australian?

The end result is a crispy, tangy, sweet and delicious piece of fish that melts in your mouth! We found a full recipe here.











Image credit: Olive Magazine.

#2 France:

Attempt two brought up our neighbours, France and we couldn’t be happier! Cuisine in France is slightly different to ours but luckily we’re well versed in French cuisine and love a good Buche De Noel and so do our clients!

This Christmas favourite looks distinctly like a Yule Log mainly because it is just that but in French… It is decadently created with a sponge biscuit base (genoise) and then smothered with plenty of chocolate for good measure!

Raymond Blanc put together an awesome recipe here. 

Buche de noel with garnish










#3 Chile:

Next up is Chile, another hot climate that has distinctly different food from us! We had a hunt around and found a fantastic sweet treat served at Christmas time, a Pan de Pascua!

This tasty fruit cake is made with raisins, walnuts, almonds, candied fruits such as orange and is a real treat for those with a sweet tooth. I would definitely see this reach my Christmas table!

Here’s how to make your own.

Pan Pascua, chilean christmas cake










#4 Madagascar:

Last but not least on our list is the island of Madagascar, just off the coast of South East Africa. During Christmas time it is usually quite warm but that doesn’t mean we’re eating something to cool us down, nope we’re going for a traditional xmas favourite, Akoho Sy Voanio.

This meal consists of warm coconut chicken served with rice, it sounds simple but don’t be fooled! It’s awesome and is definitely one to warm you up during those chilly Christmas nights.

Check out the full recipe here. 

Akoho Sy Voanio.










Image credit: AsdaGoodLiving.