How to choose your event catering company?

Whether you are planning on private party or corporate gathering, choosing the right event catering company is one of the most important decisions that you might make. Sure we might be a little biased, heck a lot, but we say this knowing how much our clients lean on us.

With a wealth of choice on suppliers list these days it’s often hard to know where to start.
The following tips come from understanding how our venues might suggest options to clients, how event bookers might be influenced and from our own humble points of view!

1. Budget, it might be crass to put this first but its steering point.

With 10 London caterers to choose from on most list it’s a great place to start. Venues are often able to guide you in the right direction with a top, middle and low tip board.
It usually gives you a great place to start. If we were booking event catering I am pretty sure that we would be looking at a one slightly above our budget too in the hope that we could work to an aspiration.

2. People, we hear that this is uber important!

Choosing the right team to work with is really up there. Support from a caterer can go a long way, they are there throughout your event to aide with more than just food. We often keep control of timings, act as toastmaster to keep the guests moving where we want them and we are often the middle man to our merry band of suppliers (sofa people, flower people. Lighting people… the list goes on.)

3. A quote is the shop front!

We know that catering proposals can often seem like reading War and Peace however these often give you everything you need to know. It’s important that the person you are chatting you talks the same language of the proposal. We truly believe that taking a strong understanding of a clients from the beginning is the way forward. Whether that be their foodie preferences or their aesthetic tastes this makes such an influence of the proposal we end up presenting.

4. Take time to understand the company ethos!

All of the cuddly, fluffy bits that you might think fill the back pages of a website are important. Often the factors that make one London caterer different to the other is the innovation and lateral thinking, if they can apply this to how they deal with food waste then they will be able to flex their skills to your event too.

5. Get to know their experience and how well they know the venue.

If your venue contact and catering contact get on well this is great boon! It means that you will have a seamless partnership working from the start. It makes life a lot easier if your caterer knows all the back passages and side alleys!

Getting excited by client’s events and really living and breathing the journey with them is what the business is all about. Remember of course that chatting about a long term events partnership often delivers results to your budgets too, so new year’s resolutions: Make us event catering companies your friend.