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Where caterers like to eat 2

Who says that steak has to come with a price tag? This is where the magic happens.

Who doesn’t love steak? Unfussy. Not played with. Just good steak.

It’s something that you search for, from Hawksmoor, Hix, Gaucho and Foxlow. They are up there.

However, does good steak always need an associated price tag? Here is the secret.

Flat Iron. Instead of offering a wide variety of expensive cuts, they only serve one type of steak. The flat iron, also known as feather blade, is only £10 a pop. Flat iron is a flavoursome and tender, yet inexpensive cut of steak that has only grown in popularity recently. Served in thin slices cooked medium rare (as recommended by the kitchen), you also are given your own sledge hammer of a knife, which to be honest you really don’t need but heck it makes it more fun! Best of all is the flavour; lightly seasoned with some salt, it has a surprising and addictive earthy, mustardy taste that is very distinctive and has to be eaten to be believed.

As much as we love their smaller branches, we suggest you try the Covent Garden one. It’s a lot larger so you should queue less for a table.