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Bang in SEASON

Damsons are easy to love – they grow all over the place and in abundance. From woodland and riverbanks to allotments and waste grounds. This is simple and rewarding foraging!

Damsons are very similar to plums; they start to appear at the end of August and by the time mid-September hits they are weighing down the branches and shouting “gather me!”.


 Here are our top five tips for how to enjoy a slice of September at home, post-gathering of course: 

  1. Damsons sauce with confit duck lugs

Who said a Saturday night dinner on the sofa means hoi sin!


  1. Damson cheese

Get yourself a muslin cloth and you will be good to go.


  1. Damson jelly

A toast-lovers favourite and an easy, impressive Christmas gift.


  1. Damson gin & tonic

Bear with us here because this one takes time, but come December we promise you’ll love us.


  1. Gooey chocolate & damson cake

This is a seasonal take on a brownie and it’s blooming delicious.


Of course the season doesn’t stop at damsons. September is full of bounty! Here’s what we are suggesting: 


Twice-baked crab soufflé with sorrel tartare


Partridge with wilted Swiss chard, quince purée, chestnuts & a beetroot potato layer


Striped mulled pear with blackberry drizzle, fennel syrup dots & ginger ice cream