Feasting | Impulsive dining that’s bang in season!

St Paul's Cathedral Butternut Squash with Pumpkin Seeds (seen from above)Long table feasting at Cutty SarkFeasting on a scale at Eltham Palace


It’s time to join the Knights of the Round Table, the foresters around their campfire and the supper clubs of Shoreditch

It’s time to think beyond the confines of the plate and embrace the luxurious space of the platter.


Our feasting menus have grown from strength to strength, from classic tapas boards with English cured wild boar to trays of slow-roasted marmalade pork and crackling wands. Sharing means that everyone can get involved in the excitement. We’ve got a host of ideal venues at our fingertips; from long tables under the golden hull of the Cutty Sark, exposed trestles in the vaulted ceiling of St Paul’s Cathedral and of course the grandeur of sharing ‘huddle tables’ in the medieval Great Hall of Eltham Palace.


Let us spark inspiration on your feast!