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Make your event stand out from the rest with our unique checklist

In the world of event catering, choosing a venue is one of the most important parts of the planning process, but even more important than that is deciding how it will look on the inside. Our contemporary event pros are less interested in what’s been done before in a venue and more excited about what they can do to make people reimagine a space. In a world where clients are forced to take stock of RIO (return on investment), every element of the events story has to speak for itself. Nothing works better for a brand than showing a forward-thinking perception of the norm. Welcome to the world of food design events.

Here’s our simple Seasoned checklist to get you started…

1. Lighting Do uplighters suit the space and work well enough for your buck? Have you considered projecting patterns or footage on the walls and venue façades to give them a new lease of life? Often it’s worth chatting to your lighting supplier because the cost dramatically reduces if you work to a reconceived vision.

2. Food Yes, you might have had canapés at your event for the last 10 years, but do they really work well? A fantastic way to create drama and visual focus at an event is through a food station. We organised a market stall rustic reception in the elegant crypts in Guildhall this week and it looked brilliant.

3. Drink It’s easy to think of hospitality events as just a boozy affair, but make sure you’re working hard on your softs too. Drinks are a great chance to offer a fusion of choices. We have worked on projects before which fuse together two international brands which have chosen drinks in total contrast to their very British surroundings. Our favourite was the Ozu cocktail with floating pink blooms at Royal Hospital Chelsea.

4. Speeches Who says you need a podium to project a message? Often the strongest brand messages are delivered subtly rather than through a hard sell speaker. There are lots of interactive ways you can spread messages such as hiring actors to deliver your company’s main speech.

Rules are there to be broken and reinvented. Our one bit of advice would be to find synergy. If you’re taking a certain route, follow it through, otherwise you might end up with something that looks completely out of place.