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New seasonal menus

menusWith a new year comes new menus ideas and a new spark of food design. Our Executive Chef, Chris Hawkins, and Food Guru, Debbie Thomas, have been working together to redesign the spring / summer and autumn / winter menus. The kitchen has already tested a few of the new menu items out and it seems the pumpkin doughnuts with celery salt are already a hit, as is our pork fillet with rhubarb.

“Our aim was to pack our plates with colour and taste,” said Chris Hawkins.

“There is so much inspiration to draw from in an ever-expanding restaurant scene but we have to make sure our menus are rooted in practicality.”

Of course some of our popular classics have stayed or been reinvented – our summer pea mousse is in there as we just couldn’t let it go!

Our bespoke menu writing ensures we are playing around with new ideas all the time so our customers are always kept on their toes.