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10 things our head honcho couldn’t live without

Inside BagEvent dreams are made by people, not just websites, proposals or kit and liquor sheets. Each month we are going to give you a sneaky peak into the world of one of our team members. 

Debbie Poulton, our head honcho and creative brainchild, has worked for Seasoned for over eight years so it’s no wonder her bag is full of business cards. 

Apart from the cards and an all-time dedication to Seasoned, here’s what this girl can’t live without… 

Big jewellery – it’s essential, not just an accessory in her eyes

Olive magazine – she loves it. It’s bed time, tube time and coffee time reading. This girl is rather enamoured with most restaurants that she visits

A tape measure – spatial awareness is not Debbie’s strong point so this is very much a must

A chalk board pen – she is a stationery buff in general, but chalk board pens are her biggest crush to date